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Cardboard Cutouts

Welcome to our Cardboard Cutout store. We sell over 600 different cardboard cutouts that include: celebrity cardboard cutouts, animal cardboard cutouts, many of your favorite TV, movie and cartoon character cardboard cutouts, political figure cardboard cutouts and many others. Life Size Cardboard Stand Ups is great for theme parties, props, fundraising events, party decor, media room decoration, or corporate events. In addition to cardboard cutouts of celebrities and of your favorite character, we also have Stand-In Cardboard Cutouts that will be a hit at your next party or function. Your guests will be standing in line waiting to get that special photo moment with our Stand-In Cardboard Cutouts. With so many to choose from, we know you will find the perfect theme to add that little extra fun to your next event. Choose from sports stand-in cutouts, graduation stand-in cutouts, Hawaii stand-in cutouts, and many other fun stand-in cutouts.

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