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Wizard of Oz Figurines and Dolls

Since 1939, young and old have enjoyed the fantasy adventure of Dorothy, Tin Man, Scare Crow, and The Lion. What many people do not know, is that, originally the film was a box office failure. It wasn't until further releases, of the movie, that it actually recouped production costs. But, since it's popularity caught on, the film has become one of the most recognizable and loved movies of all time. If you are a big Wizard Of Oz fan, or a collector of Wizard Of Oz memorabilia, our Wizard Of Oz Figurines and Dolls will make excellent items to rekindle your love of the movie or add to your collection. All of the Wizard Of Oz characters available in different poses and situations. Please enjoy browsing our online store and find your favorite Wizard Of Oz figurines.

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