Daredevil The Man Without Fear Pint Glass

Super Cool Dare Devil Design!
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    Your body is a thundering orchestra. ...said Daredevil when talking about/bragging about his insanely magnified super-hearing. Yes, Daredevil claimed he could "hear" the passing of blood through every single vein/artery, and trace every wisp of oxygen traveling throughout your circulatory system. Basically, Matt Murdock "sees" what he senses -- a moderately scary visual expressed tastefully on our Daredevil The Man Without Fear Pint Glass. Featuring the cover art to Daredevil #18 (Vol. 3) -- resplendently rendered by artist Paolo Rivera -- this colored Daredevil pint glass attempts to translate DD's "visual" world without inducing severe dry heaving. I mean, it IS a beautiful thing, really -- to identify one by their sloshing blood-flow, heartbeat, and rhythmic oxygenation. However, the literally translated visual is a little...unseemly.

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